Mail with W9 form

Hi, All
Today I got this mail:

Storj Node Operator,

Our records reflect that the wallet address shown below was paid more than $600 USD in 2019 and, in accordance with IRS regulations, Storj Labs Inc. is required to submit a Form 1099-Misc reflecting this income.

Please complete the attached W9 and return to me as soon as possible as we have a January 31 deadline for 1099 submission.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.

I, not a US resident, and this form is not applicable for me.
My questions:

  • What I should do with it?
  • Why I receive it?

I was wondering it would be W-8 BEN if Storj ever wanted tax info from NON US SNOs.
I suspect a mass email sent out to everyone earning $600 or more in 2019. Fingers crossed though. I hope NON US SNOs don’t have to file any forms.

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Storj doesn’t have information about where SNO’s live and IP location is not reliable. So yes, I assume this went out to everyone who earned more than $600. That should probably have been clarified in the email itself though.


Exactly! I think everyone should take care of local taxes himself.
If this mail went out to everyone, mail should have more information for non-US SNO’s.

I would like to hear the official answer from StorjLab.
@jocelyn @Alexey could you please help with it?

Hi @Odmin!

So for the email, we are just trying to make sure the message gets out to a wide group. if you aren’t US-based, you don’t need to worry about that form.

ETA - I chatted with accounting and compliance. Here is what they say:

1.) “If a forum member is a NON-US resident he/she will not receive a 1099 from Storj”

2.) “Thanks for flagging this … only U.S. based residents need a 1099 from Storj. Hope this helps!”


Thanks a lot @jocelyn !
I really appreciate it, you always take care of SNO, I just say, all SNO love you :slight_smile:


awww thanks! the feeling is mutual :hugs:


It’s not often that a topic about a legal form makes you feel warm and fuzzy :wink: