Mailbox cannot receive token

I have more than 100 servers ready
But when I went to apply for the token
Mailbox cannot receive token information
I’ve tried more than 10 mailboxes, and it’s different mailbox operators. Only one mailbox has received one email
Excuse me, is the official sending service limited?

You can request one token per day on the same email address. Your request will be added to the queue if there is a lot of requests. They will be proceeded one by one with small delay to distribute the load.
You will receive the same token If the previous one is not claimed.

Please, use the Chrome or Firefox browsers with ad blocker disabled.

I use the Chrome browser
And there’s no ad blocking plug-in
And it’s a different email address
I’m still waiting

Try using a VPN and after every invite, connect to a different ip and reload the page.

Thank you

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Source IP not maters. Try to clean browser cookies.


I’m not getting an email after entering my email address at . I’ve tried 3 different email addresses (one of which I used previously to request a token during the alpha) on 2 different days (about a week apart).

The queue is more than a week long!? I guess that’s a good sign for the network


It is something with theis system, on 1 mail box i received instantly on other not received at all. tried 3 days in row, all 3 times same box received instantly, other not received at all.

also check spamm folder, some time ago first token i fond in spamm folder.

It seems that uBlock Origin was blocking the script. After disabling it, I got the email. The website should probably not fail silently…

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There is no need to use different email addresses to request more auth tokens. If you have an email address that worked before, you can request another token with it once a day, assuming you have already claimed the last one by then. You can set up each node with a different email address if you prefer, after you signed the identity.

@heunland The nice thing about having multiple emails though is that you can claim more than 1 token per day…

And why would you need to urgently spin up multiple nodes at the same time? Do you have multiple separate locations and IPs? Otherwise, there is no point in adding more than one node at a time. If a user is able to receive auth tokens with one email and not the other, then the problem is that there is something that causes our system to reject the other email address. Such as, having used its IP to spam (yes we have a filter to bounce known spam addresses). There is a reason why we restrict auth tokens to one per day.