Maintenance is counted as down time?

if I need to do maintenance on QNAP.

move docker files and update my infrastructure.

if I turn off the docker correctly can I do the work calmly and then turn it back on or the downtime is counted on the famous 5 hours a month of down?

Hi @MaCos85
You’ll be pleased to hear it’s much more than 5 hours per month. A node can be offline for up to 12 days in a rolling 30 day period and not be suspended or disqualified for it’s ‘Online’ score.


it says this in the documentation.

the node can stay down for a maximum of 5 hours per month

why do you say 288 hours?

Prerequisites #

Hardware Requirement s (Recommended) #

:white_check_mark: One (1) processor core dedicated to each node service

:white_check_mark: 8 TB and a maximum of 24 TB of available space per node
Minimum of 550 GB with no maximum of available space per node

:white_check_mark: 16+ TB of unmetered bandwidth available per month; unlimited preferred
Minimum of 2 TB of bandwidth available per month

:white_check_mark: 100 Mbps bandwidth upstream
Minimum of 5 Mbps bandwidth upstream

:white_check_mark: 100 Mbps bandwidth downstream
Minimum of 25 Mbps bandwidth downstream

:white_check_mark: Uptime (online and operational) of 99.5% per month
Minimum uptime (online and operational) of 99.3% per month, max total downtime of 5 hours monthly

The figures you quote are from the node operator terms and conditions, accepted as part of running a node. This is what should be aimed for, however the current suspension and disqualification rules are not that strictly enforced.

I am very happy with this news.
otherwise I had to run for maintenance