Maintenance mode feature

I have experienced a raid failure and it will take a few days to repair it. Why can’t I tell the network that my node will offline for some time? Also why the node crashes every time it encounters a storage problem? It could just ignore the file, my node have still other millions ready. It could just send we warning what to do.

We have implemented an online score accounting with audits:

The current version allows you to be offline up to 288 hours, then your node will be suspended. After that you would have a week of grace period to fix the issue. When you fixed the problem, the node will be under review for the next 30 days. And only if your node would managed to be suspended again it will be disqualified.
There is plenty of time to do a maintenance before the node would be disqualified.

Each failed audit will push your node closer to disqualification, if too many in row - it will be disqualified pretty quick.
The network itself has an ability to recover missed files, but they never come back to your node (because it’s proved to be unreliable).
If your node lost not too much, it can survive, but audit score may never recover.

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