Make images error

When I run “make images” from the storj project, I got some errors:

docker build --build-arg TAG=3b59ed3ea-HEAD-go1.18.8 --pull=true -t storjlabs/satellite:3b59ed3ea-HEAD-go1.18.8-amd64
-f cmd/satellite/Dockerfile .

You need to compile or download release to /release/ folder. However, I thought it should be in your HOME directory.
I’m not sure, that you can build docker image using only docker.

I did some testing of this, and it looks like there’s a Makefile dependency issue. For now, it looks like this should correctly build the inspector binaries, and then build the image that was giving you issues:

make inspector_linux_amd64 inspector_linux_arm inspector_linux_arm64 && make satellite_image

can you see if that works for ya?


I succeeded in “making binaries” first, and then “making images”.

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