Manual Payout -title must be 15 chars LOL

Is there away to get a manual payout if you dont care about the fees, the money lost in not having the coins to trade is far greater then the eth fees?

97 days since my last payment 158 days since 2nd last and 187 since 3rd last

Have had this eth fee problem for a while now and nothing is going to change and I am not interested in L2 payments.

No, there isn’t.
But if you can find a friend and combine your nodes into 1 wallet. You would reach the threshold easier

Why don’t you create a „mining pool“ or „Cashout pool“ where people could place your central payout address in their node configs. Once you received all the payouts, you swap it centrally and then distribute it via a chain with cheaper fees? Of course you could take a small fee for your service :wink:

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They can put my address, but fair warning, I take a 100% fee. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean for a payment pool is nearly impossible as you don’t have access to statistics of each node which you need to calculate they payout

If there would be a way I would do it even manually for all I care

Hmm if people would open their ports for the node API’s, then a pool could access the payout information for all individual nodes

That sounds like a marvelous idea. Pretty trivial to fake the info in that API. So I’m going to be RICH!

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No need to invent a wheel. You need to write a smart-contract with registering your address there. You will need some ETH to send this TX to there, it could be around 11000 gas.
In the nodes software you specify the wallet feature equal to this smart-contract, your real address will be still in the wallet address parameter.
When we send payload (CSV of wallets and sums) to the smart-contract, we pay some ETH for function execution and for transfer of total amount as usual.

You as an operator then requests the withdrawal from the smart contract. You will need to pay in ETH some amount, It should cover function execution and transfer fee.

It reminds me something… :thinking:

Yeah, that does sound awfully familiar… :smiley: If only anyone had thought of that already :thinking:

Wait… I think that would warrant a 10% bonus as it saves Storj Labs on transaction fees, yes! :laughing:

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