MAR 10, 2020: Februay SNO payouts are complete

You can watch the payouts go in real time on etherscan:

Here’s Stefan

Sometimes for fun, I like to put on bitlisten and hear the music of Bitcoin.

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Shouldn’t that be 75% held back and 25% paid out?

Since the held back amount is calculated per satellite and new satellites will hold back payouts again, this information is useful to node operators. As well as the fact that held back amount for another satellite will be paid out.
However, I understand the pressures on the dev team and correct payout obviously has priority over reporting on it. You can’t do everything at once.

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I’d like to know why are payouts split Per node this time. Will next payout be same way too?

so if i understand it correctly the stefan benten sattelite will go down forever , i have a few nodes that are only ipv6 for testing, witch sattelite will support ipv 6 later

and will the hold back amount of 75 procent from the past months from the stefan benten sattelite paypout

Today I receive the payout for February but I think somethings is wrong because with the same amount of used space and about same bandwidth used on my node I have receive about 98% less than previous month, how can be possible ? from 1398 coins of January to 29 coins on February !!!

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I seriously doubt you saw the same egress in February as in January. January was a REALLY good month for all of us.
But there is no need to speculate. Please use the earnings calculator to check from your end whether the payout is correct. But keep in mind that there have been a few oddities with the payouts. They’re all outlined in this topic.

Also make sure you’ve already received payout from all 5 satellites.

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Got 15 payments from 3 nodes almost 1 k storj

yes you right the egress of February was 75% less than January but looking the calculator as shown below I should receive 10,1 USD but I have receive just 29 coins that are about 3,5 USD so somenthig is wrong:

February 2020 (Version: 8.1.3)
Upload Ingress 801.22 GB -not paid-
Upload Repair Ingress 46.99 GB -not paid-
Download Egress 311.79 GB 6.24 USD
Download Repair Egress 15.81 GB 0.16 USD
Download Audit Egress 5.51 MB 0.00 USD
Disk Average Month Storage 2.47 TBm 3.71 USD
Disk Usage Storage 1.72 PBh -not paid-
Total 2.47 TBm 1.18 TB 10.10 USD

Payout and held amount by satellite:
us-central-1 2019-12-09 Paid 0.1072 USD 0.2144 USD 0.3216 USD 0.4288 USD
Escrow 0.3216 USD 0.2144 USD 0.1072 USD 0.0000 USD

europe-west-1 2019-12-10 Paid 0.2771 USD 0.5542 USD 0.8313 USD 1.1084 USD
Escrow 0.8313 USD 0.5542 USD 0.2771 USD 0.0000 USD

asia-east-1 2019-12-09 Paid 0.2436 USD 0.4872 USD 0.7307 USD 0.9743 USD
Escrow 0.7307 USD 0.4872 USD 0.2436 USD 0.0000 USD

saltlake 2020-02-11 Paid 0.0005 USD 0.0009 USD 0.0014 USD 0.0018 USD
Escrow 0.0014 USD 0.0009 USD 0.0005 USD 0.0000 USD

stefan-benten 2019-12-09 Paid 1.8967 USD 3.7933 USD 5.6900 USD 7.5867 USD
Escrow 5.6900 USD 3.7933 USD 1.8967 USD 0.0000 USD

Is that was Escrow payd for stefen benten as it will shut down?

and the hold back amound of the first 3 moths of each nod will this be payout later

It could only be the correct explanation for February payout. I got 1K-ish Storj tokens and it was NOT due to traffic!!
Stefan satellite escrow and held were paid right?

no i dont think so than i needed to receive a lot more tokens
with new nodes 75% will be hold i think if you received last month like say 25 tokens and the hold back amound was 75 tokens than you needed to receive a minimal of 75 tokens this month right

Unless I completely misunderstand the escrow system, the current payout did not include Stefan’s escrow dump.

We all got an extra 2 weeks of surge payments.

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the last week of january is in this payment too


Oh you´re right…and plus that 1 week from January. Makes sense now.
In short: another great month for SNO´s :sunglasses:
Thanks Storj :slight_smile:


Just got 0,15 usd worth Storj, who wants beer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I still can’t really explain why the stefan benten payout is this large. Even with additional surge on egress for the first 2 weeks and the last week of January included it still doesn’t seem to add up to the roughly $120 that was paid out. I must be overlooking something, but I was expecting something closer to $80-90.

This month got a little complicated with all the changes and I’m obviously not complaining about getting more. I think I’ll just consider this one a mystery and look at next month again to try and replicate the payout calculation.

Edit: To those who are new and get very excited about these numbers. January was very good to us and that’s spilling over into February. This is not what you should expect to earn on average. This month is looking like it’ll be around $10. Which is similar to what February would have been if there was no payment from January included and no surge payouts. So that seems to be the average for now, though I do expect future growth in that number due to further adoption.


You’re right. I got 920 STORJ this month, 1300 last month. So the split of 3 weeks and 1 week doesn’t quite work. Must be with the held amount.

January was also 2x, and may be as you are very old user 3x? this is the diference?

Nope, took that into account. It was indeed x3 for me. In fact I even calculated all of feb as x3 as well as it didn’t matter too much compared to what was left over form jan. It’s ok, it’ll remain a mystery.