MAR 10, 2020: Februay SNO payouts are complete

Looks like there’s nothing more pressing to complain about than being confused and transaction fees xD Must be a good sign if we don’t have any bugs to complain about.


Nothing to complain about getting a transfer for other nodes makes no difference.

It’s about trust in the system.

Stefan is being taken offline. Those of us with 6 to 8 months of good rep with Stefan are going to miss out on a full payout from Stefan. Now, the new satellite is starting up, we all start on month 1… most of alot of my Ingress has been from Saltlake… so, my guess is that most of future Egress will be cataloged there too. If true, then I will need to wait a long time until I see a full payout.

There’s a little bell and notification dialog that pops up on my dashboard…

Maybe these notices about starting one month 1 for a new satellite should be put there.

stefans satellite was for testing purposes did you think that was going to last forever? I knew it was getting put to rest before it was even said in the forum.

No one who hasn’t checked this forum would know that.

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Theres a reason why they gave us a good payout last month because they wanted stefans satellite going down not effect our pay, That is the only reason we got a good payout is because of they didnt want us to loose out on all the pay. They made up for it believe me.

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I’m not complaining…

I’m simply indicating that it’s confusing. Clear, concise information presented to SNOs via their dashboards would result in far fewer misunderstandings.

There’s a notification icon sitting in the interface. I’m trying to gently suggest that it be used to provide clear, concise messages for SNOs.

My comment was not meant to be a compliant nor an overtly harsh criticism of anyone or any product.

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You been here long enough to know stefans satellite was only for testing purposes though.

Yes. That is true.

But I reference my prior comment… “No one who hasn’t checked this forum would know that.”

What I mean is you cannot include stefans satellite in any equation and it wasnt part of the main network its as if it wasnt ever there, If you didnt keep an eye on the forum then its there problem, If there confused about the payout they will come to the forum to complain about it. Then they will get told why. No real need to announce it again it was already announced.

I disagree. But that’s fine, sometimes it happens.

Thats ok its fine you disagree, im just telling you what I think.

It was announced that all stephan benten sattelite held ammount will be payd out

We are participating in a beta test of the STORJ network and we are still not in production. So some effort to get information can be expected from a sno in my opinion.

Yes, but does that matter? A node operator doesn’t really need to know which satellite is used for what purpose, new satellites, test satellites, etc. They just receive payments and that’s it

I (like SNO) personally would like to know all information :slight_smile:

Can I ask you about a reason for separation payments per node instead of summing?

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I hope Ether will drop to ground before payouts are calculated and payd. or SNO will loose big ammount of payments, during thay can exchage money. As Ether is droping now

I am not the one that has implemented it. I am only telling you what the current state is.

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I know, thanks! :slight_smile: I just would like to know reason of this change…