March 2021 SNO payouts are complete

Storage Node operator payouts for March are complete. (For those folks who are new to the process, our payouts occurs within the first half of every month. So while the payment period is always consistent – first half of the month – the specific date within that period may ‘float’ from month-to-month. )

If you have feedback or questions about your specific payout, contact

As always, we very much value & appreciate our community


Hi Jocelyn,

Could you please provide the minimum payout threshold applied to March payouts? Thanks!


Hey @baker! Layer 1 (default) Eth transactions used a minimum payout threshold of $42.90. We used a gas price of 148 GWei, an Eth price of $1984.97, and an expected Gas per transaction amount of 36508 (all fairly conservative values, given recent trends). For the transaction to not cost more than 25% of the total payout, someone had to earn $42.90.

For Layer 2 transactions (zkSync), while we intend to eventually have a similar calculation (albeit resulting in a far, far lower minimum value), we once again used a minimum of zero.

We sent 390 layer 1 transactions (e.g., 390 SNOs earned more than $42.90 in the last month without opting into zkSync) and 578 zkSync transactions (e.g., 578 SNOs opted into zkSync and earned more than 0). Thanks to all who have opted into zkSync so far!


How many SNO accounts are pending payment to reach the threshold for L1?

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There are 7170 unique wallet addresses that did not clear the threshold this month or did not opt in to zkSync.


Yes since there isn’t a exchange for storj functioning on L2, Because of that I rather wait for the L1 Threshold to be reached. If there will be L2 exchange I would opt in Immediately


Newbie here… I am a bit unclear on what has been stated above…

In one place @jtolio says that the L2 payouts have a threshold of zero ("…we once again used a minimum of zero."), but then elsewhere says that some addresses “did not clear the threshold this month”.

I am a new node operator and have set up for Layer 2 transactions/zkSync and want to be sure that I am set up correctly.


The “did not clear the threshold” comment was an answer to penfold’s question above it - how many L1 users didn’t get paid?

Basically 7170 normal (non-zkSync) SNOs hadn’t made enough yet for a March payout.

@Roxor – So in my case, I am a zkSync SNO. The payout shows a whopping $0.03 payout, after the held back amount and what-not. If the threshold is 0, then shouldn’t I see something “Payout” → “view on Etherscan” link?

I am not expecting to be drinking champagne and eating caviar with my earnings :rofl: but… am I missing something here?

Etherscan is only for L1 not zksync.

Look on for zksync payments.


Ahh haa. I think I see what happened. When I opted into the L2, I think didn’t update my wallet address on my node correctly. :frowning:

Oh well.

Thanks all.

You do not need to update the address, any ETH address is suitable for zkSync payouts. You just need to have a private key/secret phrase from it.

@jocelyn or @jtolio any official update for April 2021 payouts? I can see a lot of the transactions have completed.

I dont have my payments yet and i earn about 80$ so maybe payouts are not completed :grinning:

I wouldn’t worry. Gas price has gone up again anyway

Storj price is popping off too


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