March 2023: what is easiest and cheapest way to exchange STORJ tokens at ZKSync wallet

There are some issues I’m not permitted to discuss due to my direct relationship with the company and US regulations.

That said, I can only present general risk factors and technical techniques in this thread, not make specific financial recommendations or risk assessments for individuals.

People are free to trust self custody more, or exchanges.
You must do what is right for you.
Other’s may choose different solutions.

The points are access, choice and control.
Self custody maintains more control over the utility tokens.
Exchange wallets offer less control over the utility tokens.
There is really nothing left to say on the topic.
People will make their own choices.


Just to add that the next month I was able to transfer USDT to Bitrefill. Saves 1 step. Don’t know why it didn’t work before.

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Hello guys, can someone give me a feed on how it works?

Prior discussion:


hello, same question.
i have 3 nodes with zsync selected. I’ve earn some storj.
don’t know how to convert in $ or €.

i have Metamask wallet but i’ve read so much topic … lost

Do withdrawal to L1 to exchange deposit address, then swap to stablecoin. Then sell stablecoin for cash. Some exchanges do the latter bit for free. I use coinbase.

ok let’s try
1 : alternative withdraw

2 select STORJ and the fee appear : $7.49


4 i select matamask (the wallet i have but with 0 ETH

bloquer car je n’ai pas d’ETH …

comment faire autrement ?


Do not use an alternative withdrawal, unless you do not control keys from this address. If you are control it, you may use the usual transfer from L2 to Ethereum: ZkSync Payments - Storj Docs