March 2023: what is easiest and cheapest way to exchange STORJ tokens at ZKSync wallet

You can swap some tokens for MATIC without a gas fee: Polygon Bridge: Bridge Assets from Ethereum to Polygon zkEVM

I’ve also used this Polygon faucet when I was low, you can give it a try:

As always be careful with crypto apps.

I can’t remember fully how, but my records show that I swapped USDT on Polygon to Matic on Polygon last year.

Get 0.01 free MATIC by joining the Polygon Discord and requesting it from the faucet bot

The official Polygon faucet will direct you to Discord, so……

Join the Polygon Discord and after verifying navigate to the “support.” Underneath the “support” tab there are 10 or so different channels. One of those channels is called, “matic-faucet.”

Paste the message “faucet-send YourReceivingAddress” without the quotation marks. Within a couple minutes you will receive 0.01 MATIC.

This will not work if you have any MATIC in your wallet.

BEWARE of anyone who sends you a direct message, offering to help. Polygon support will NEVER DM you first, ever!

If you received a DM from someone claiming to be Polygon support or offering to help you, report them immediately to Discord.

Found this on the internet. Guess faucets are real, but beware of scams.
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