Marketing ideas

In order to increase exposure of Storj services, it would be great to draw more attention in the online media by doing some unique stuff and also publish more articles on news platforms.

  • At least one article per month talking about Storj, describing some part of the tech, a new milestone, etc. Like the problem with Garbage collector and the solutions you come up with.
  • play a game with support of Storj; “The First Game played on a distributed storage network”.
    Dosen’t realy matter how, the wow is important!
  • make some Guiness world records like: the biggest file uploaded and downloaded accross the Globe in the shortest ammount of time.
  • associate Storj with Musk’s products; always a big news hit. No matter what… Starlink, Tesla, etc.
  • associate Storj with proeminent AI services. Even publish fantasy art created by AI that will point to Storj, or sais STORJ.

There are so many ways you can put Storj in the spotlight. Dosen’t matter that you don’t offer direct storage services for individuals. Drawing attention to everyone, including individuals, will make everyone searching for ways to use Storj, even through third-party apps.
We alyaws saw a big data influx after some news or some presentation on IT conferences.
Don’t expect people search for Storj! Put Storj right in their face!


Personally, strongly against this :point_up: Using twitter is the limit of my acceptability.

Storj does post articles, meet up with clients and advertises it on respective platforms.

This is just today’s article.

I would like to add, selling Storj merch is also a good way to advertise.


I agree to that.

Decentralized storage supplier Storj, which says it’s now ten years old, is present and has just appointed its first CMO, Trisha Winter.

Rosie Pongracz was CMO before her. I don’t know what happened to her.

Yeah that sounds wrong. Also Miss Rosie still shows being CMO at Storj on her Linkedin page.

In order to protect their privacy, Storj doesn’t disclose who has left unless they are directly related to SNOs like the forum staff. Stephen Benten left too.

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Alternatively, NO.
If you must, consider NO.


So much love for Elon… :rofl:
I was thinking to news sites like Ars Technica with broader audience, not just IT specialists.

Any time I search for something similar to “cheap S3 storage” I see mentions of Storj in many of the results. So for their target customers (those wanting the core S3 features for a lower-than-Amazon price) I think the word is already out there.

Don’t need to market to the Crypto Twitter folks. Don’t need to market to SNOs. Don’t need to market to token speculators. Just people paying for S3 today who want to save a buck.


It always feels a tad odd when those names that have been around “forever” disappear…


Conoces algún administrador de archivos web simple y ligero compatible con Storj ?

If you need something web-based (and not a Windows/Linux client app) I’d use the Object Browser included in DCS.

Requiero una alternativa, ya que, debo integrar con otros software

If you need to integrate with other software: I wouldn’t try to have it manipulate a GUI. The best way would be to use the S3 API. As a bonus you’d then be able to try any other S3 provider.

If S3 doesn’t deliver the speed you need, you could also use the native libuplink library: but it would only work with Storj.

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Sí. puedes usar rclone GUI

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