Mass Storage Device - Opinions

Hey guys.
Just bought this to backup data to expand one of my nodes and I´m stunned with the performance:
At first using the whole 15TB formatted in NTFS, performance was awfull.
Formatted 6TB on exFAT…OMG!!!
I´m just appreesive regarding reliability of data.
Anyone tried it before?

Please NEVER use exFAT. Especially for storagenode. See

If your disk is slow - it’s more like SMR, see PSA: Beware of HDD manufacturers submarining SMR technology in HDD's without any public mention
Avoid use SMR for storagenode.

Regarding filesystem - it’s better to use a native filesystem for your OS. If you use Windows - use NTFS, Linux - ext4, OSX - APFS.
Mixes will have problems sooner or later, leading to data lose/corruption and disqualification.

I thought so, it would be too good to be true :slight_smile:
Not even suitable for copy/pate operation only?
With the node stopped migrate data from 1 volume to the other.
The whole idea is to replace an 8:2TB volume for 1 6TB disk.

It has no recovery mechanism, it uses huge cluster size (leads to waste space when you use small files). It’s designed to use on flash cards for cams.
So it’s just not reliable and wasteful.

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