Max number of folders in a bucket

I am creating this topic because I would like to make sure that there are no limits about the maximum number of folders in a bucket.

I saw the related post about max files number limit (which is not present) so I can assume that this can be the same for the folders, but it’s better to ask.


As for the number I don’t have a clou, but there are no folders in storj. It’s just an abstraction, everything is just a file which happens to have a path as filename.

There should be no limits on amount.


Limits are here: Usage Limits - Storj DCS Docs

As @tylkomat wrote above, bucket is not hierarchical in any way. It’s simply a collection of objects. You can interpret object name as a path in a filesystem if you want, but bucket does not know nor care about it; / in the object name is not any more special than a or 7


Prefixes (“folders”) are part of the object name, so actually you asking about the limit of number of objects.
There are no specific limit for a number of objects in the bucket, but you could meet timeouts if you would request to list all objects in the bucket with billions of objects. I do not have exact numbers on my hands though.


Thank you all for your answers and your time!