Max per file size limit on Storj?

hi ,
any one here know the max per file size upload limit for Storj?


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I don’t think there is any file limit size. How big of a file are you trying to upload?

i remember trying to upload something with 50GB … it stop uploading after hitting 50gb …
its a backup file.

The theoretical limit is 2^64 bytes (16 exbibytes, 18.4 exabytes).

However, as of now, the practical limit is much lower, because multipart upload is not yet available. You can’t upload an object one part at a time- the whole thing has to be uploaded in one session without losing contact with the satellite. With the internet the way it is, it might be difficult to get as far as a single terabyte.


thanks for popping in @thepaul! multipart will be great to have, definitely


in some cases, mullti part will play an important role.but i though that usually handles by the application. Example, backup software backing up a file server and we set limit of each file at 10GB per part. this will handle by backup software.

but for storj, will they automatically split the file into multipart? or it will consider 1 single big file? (if the backup software was not able to do the file splitting)

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For multipart upload, we are implementing the S3 protocol. If your app handles file splitting for multipart upload automatically for Amazon S3, it will work the same way for Tardigrade.