Maximum number of simultaneous transfers stalls out

Recently my node has started stalling out if I have “Maximum number of simultaneous transfers” in my config.yaml file set to just about anything below 12. After around 30-60 minutes of running smoothly and as it should, all of a sudden the node stalls out and my logs show is constant errors for “max number of uploads reached”. It’s as if at some point uploads come in and the system holds them in cache, but is unable to clear them after the upload completes (or fails) and open that slot back up.

Anyone else having this problem or have an idea for a solution? I’m running a pretty low tech node (raspberry pi 4 (4GB ram) with a USB-3.0 connected 10TB hard drive), and therefore my download performance really bites the dust when I run without limiting my uploads. It tanks from 70-90% down to about 30-50%.

Comment out ( # ) this line in the config file !
After that, restart the node “Restart-Service storagenode”

The “Maximum number of simultaneous transmissions” adjustment now does not work in the new version of SNO!

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That’s incorrect. It still works but not needed anymore :slight_smile:

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