Maybe business lead?

I came across Deego:

They offer:

Part 2: Cross-Continent Storage Replication
To improve security even further and to ensure reliability, files are also stored across multiple data centers and storage providers.
Blocks of Data
Files are encoded into blocks of data, usually around 8 MB each, for improved performance and to reduce bottlenecks
Reed-Solomon codes
• One block of data is coded with Reed-Solomon error-correcting codes
• This produces four shards of data in which the original data is scrambled, further improving security
• The encoding is made with a 4/3 redundancy, meaning that any 3 shards are needed to reconstruct the original block of data

But for storage they seem to use:

4.3 Degoo is currently using Google Cloud Storage, Amazon Web Services and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to host the Services and to store personal data.
Source: Degoo Cloud - Life's best memories

Maybe they would be interested in even more decentralization and privacy and Storj DCS could become a storage provider to them?