Maybe interesting report, but expensive

Too expensive for me. And I don’t know if it is even worth the money.
But at least it sounds like an interesting read as Storj is being mentioned as well:

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Thank you! I’ll pass this on internally :slight_smile:

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Here is another one:
Global Blockchain Security Software Market Research Report 2021 - Future Opportunities, Latest Trends, In-depth Analysis, and Forecast To 2028

Some of the important players in Blockchain Security Software market are:
Storj Labs

But also expensive:


Single User
US$ 3400

Does anyone really pay such amounts for this information? Maybe I should sell some of my research as well?

Edit: Hey, maybe Storj Labs could pay with Storj tokens for such report. Or offer free storage for them.


I’ve heard it’s just a normal expense for many businesses, let say lawyers preparing cases and needing a reference for some general truths about some industry.