Maybe you could approach CERN?

Reading this article from The Register, it would appear CERN are generating about 1PB per day from the LHC run.
It seems they keep all their storage on site but it’s quite likely that they might have less important or lower priority data hosted in a cloud provider.
And it being a scientific institution I’m sure they’ll be cost conscious.

Just a though :slight_smile:


CERN , the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research.

I doubt any data even if its unimportant would be stored on HDDs of home owners. Its NUCLEAR RESEARCH.

Errrr… what’s so special about nuclear research?
I don’t think they’re making bombs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s definitely not a scale the network is currently ready for. Also, the reason they store it locally is probably because they need to have that close to a computer cluster as well to churn through all that data.

And yeah, nuclear research in this context means research about the nucleus. It’s “just” particle research. I’d say the name is actually a little outdated, but CERN has become a recognized name in its own right.

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Yes, but I meant more the “colder” data which they must also have plenty of.

Anyway, was just a thought. Academic and research institutions are probably good candidates for Storj services :slight_smile:


CERN already has a storage solution (obviously!), and it has more features than Storj. Though maybe Storj could be used for distribution, CERN does distribute these datasets around the world…

Let me link to a suggestion I had made in the past where Storj could offer Storj DCS as storage solution:

We also had this in the past:

As already mentioned, research facilities and universities usually have already their solutions and they often have very very capable IT departments because they have the knowledge, the money and the people to build what they need on-premise. But still Storj might be a part of their solution for example when it comes to distribute datasets around the world.


Sorry, looks like I jumped the gun posting a suggestion without checking if anyone had already done it first.


I don’t see a problem here.
If Storj receives similar suggestions from different users there is nothing wrong about it.
And I like your specific CERN suggestion. It would be awesome.


Every suggestion is always welcomed by Storj. They are awesome like that :slight_smile:

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CERN themselves published this article on the topic: An exabyte of disk storage at CERN | CERN