Good afternoon, I have a new node with a hard drive by usb, wd elements new 6TB by USB 3.0, but when seeing the REPAIR of the Bandwodth utilization, I see that I usually have between 1GB or 2GB. What is the reason for this REPAIR, does that affect the reliability of my node?
I have a friend who also has a node like me because of Sata and the same thing happens to him.

My node:
i3 6100 2/4 cores, 8GB ram ddr4 2133, ssd 120gb. 600/600 Mbps internet. Node size 6TB WD elements usb 3.0

Nothing bad is happening to your node. When a nodes loses data, gets disqualified or goes offline, other nodes are used to recreate that lost data. If you see download repair traffic, that means pieces your node holds are retrieved in order to recreate pieces that were lost by other nodes. You get paid for this egress traffic as a thank you for helping out. Upload repair traffic means that pieces lost by another node have been recreated and sent to your node for safe keeping now. This traffic isn’t paid, but you will be paid for storage of this data and future downloads.

So in short, repair traffic is just your node helping to repair pieces that other nodes have lost. It’s actually good for your node to participate in that.

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Thank you very much for the answers and the help. Great community!

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