Memory consuption

Thanks a lot you two !

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Memory consumption has reduced greatly. Thank you.

Would you get some clue what measurement of timeout should be and what the docker command?

got the same problem with “upload rejected, too many requests {“live requests”: 7}”
what the solution or where the direction to dig?

Add a timeout to stop commands

docker stop -t 300 storagenode

This will give it up to 5 minutes. Works with restart as well.

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I created a separate topic for the too many requests error here

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ok, thanks
try how it works

I have the same problem again my ram is used at 5.28 GB on 5.72GB

please post screenshot of docker exec -it storagenode top -m

Here is

Please, copy output of the docker stats command.

Also I see that your storage node have a lot of dashboard process. Try to kill all with:
pkill -f dashboard

@Lucas How exactly do you run the dashboard?

Nothing has changed for the RAM !

I run with this command : docker exec -it storagenode /app/

dashboard processed is gone, now please restart container docker restart storage node -t 300
And monitor memory consumption.

What is the purpose of this command?

Dashboard can produce higth memory consuption, a lot of dashboards can produce a lot of memory consuption like on your side, see this topic.

Purpose of docker restart storage node -t 300 is drop all consumed memory after you kill all dashboard processes with pkill -f dashboard

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