Memory leak Doker on Mac OSX

Hello, what can i do if i have a memory leak? I run a Storj node Beta on Macbook Pro on osx 10.13 with docker desktop 2.1.

Storj Node 0.25.1

I have a problem with com.docker.osxfs it increase after 1 day up to 5GB memory… :weary:

Are you running your node on a laptop? Is it on 24/7 always connected to the same network?

Yes running on a macbook pro 24/7 always same network…

What can i do?

Hello @niko,
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Unfortunately, this is not related to storagenode. This process is part of the docker desktop for MacOS.
This issue could be fixed only by

Thanks for your Feedback, but it doesn’t solve my problem!

Can i run storj beta node without docker desktop on mac? Or what can i do? I must solve the problem for continued run storj node…

If we don’t find a good solution i must shut down my node…

Unfortunately for MAC either Docker, or Linux VM with a docker.

With Docker on mac i am fine. But how can i fix this issue? I am the only mac os x user??? How solve the other nodes this issue?

Only the Docker can fix their bug

Perhaps it affects only small amount of Mac users, at least you are the first one.
The usual problem for Mac and Windows users of Docker desktop is vanishing of connectivity after a while (the node becomes offline) and only way to fix it is restart the Docker from the Docker desktop application.
Please, try this too, perhaps it could solve the memory leak problem too for a while (up to the next overusage).

Thanks for the feedback - but it doesn’t solve my problem very well!

What can i do?

Is the Storj Node only stable under Linux???

I have a 8TB Storj Node with full of Data. If we don’t find a good solution i must shut down my node…

What is for my setup the best solution for a stable node?
Install virtualBox and run a node under ubuntu? Is that stable? Where i can find a docu?

Thanks for feedback or other solutions! :+1:

Why not install Linux om a VM and go in from there

I will try it :+1: do you know the performance?

I run om Linux host but ill guess that it would run on a VM as good as on a host

The Linux version of storagenode is working better on Linux, yes
The Windows version of storagenode is working better on Windows.
Since it’s beta and we do not have a binary installer for Mac, it’s better to use the Linux VM/host or Windows VM/host in your case.

We do not develop the docker, so we can’t solve the specific problem of docker and its compatibility with Mac, please, try to get support for your case on the docker site.

Thanks for feedback!

I installed virtualBox with ubuntu on mac. Now i get the storj node running but always offline. I think the port forwarding doesn’t work. How i must configure it in VM?

I copied the identity key from mac to my VM. Is that ok or must generate a new one?

In the Docker logs storjnode are no errors.

Where i can find a manual for port setup in my VM?

Please, check your port forwarding rule on the router, it should point to the IP address of the Linux VM.
You can use this guide:

On my Mac i get the Port Forwarding working.
On my VirtualBox VM with ubuntu it doesn’t work… my node is always offline.

Where i get a step by step manual for VirtualBox Port Forwarding?

Which network adapter (VirtualBox) i must use and how i configure the right Ports?

I need a small step by step manual…

Thanks :pray:

Thanks, but what is the Host-Port and what the Guest-Port?

Not to sure. but is says this on the page:

In this example, port 2202 in the host machine will forward to port 22 of the guest machine whereby is the default IP for guest VM under NAT network.

Leaving the Host IP field blank will default to and Guest IP defaults to whatever the IP address is assigned to the guest VM.

Does this help?

Thanks i will try it :+1:

Do you know which network type i should use? NAT, Bridged network or host-only network?