Mercedes Benz to launch data marketplace Acentrik

I just came across this very interesting piece of information:

Acentrik seems to be a market place where data asset providers can monetize their data assets. You can think of the massive amount of data that is created by sensors in automobiles, Artificial Intelligence e.g. in health care or data analysis in forensic investigations as potential use cases:
Such a place, where large amounts of data are going to be traded, seems to be the right place for Storj DCS to appear:

When the transaction is completed, the buyer will have access to the underlying data, which is stored on AWS S3 or IPFS.

While I understand it that way that the data itself is not going to be stored on the Acentrik platform, it could be a place where Storj could get into contact with companies that require large amounts of storage space. Storj DCS could be presented to them as storage solution and alternative to AWS S3.
So maybe it is worth to reach out to Acentrik:

This could go even further and Storj DCS could seek more opportunities where the big data already is: The underlying tech for Acentrik is Polygon resp. Ocean Protocol.
Ocean Protocol seems to position itself as the data exchange protocol for web3. They see data as a new asset class:

This project is interesting because it brings together providers of large data assets with consumers of large data assets for data exchange and it sounds like something Storj DCS should try to partner with because generally the users of this tech be it a data provider or a data consumer will require storage space for the data they want to exchange. Even more as their users are interested in decentralization naturally.
Currently Ocean Protocol offers IPFS as built-in decentralized storage solution:

So maybe it would also be worth it to get in direct contact with Ocean Protocol.