Messed up when setting up OpenSSH - can you help!?

Hey all,

What better place to embarrass myself than over the internet!

I was trying to following the tutorial for setting up the remote access to dashboard and managed to lose/incorrectly write down my password when setting it up :tired_face:

I’ve tried uninstalling it and starting over, but it still seems to have my password saved.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can reset this please?

Thanks so much!

Hi @lookitsbenfb ,

I’ll bring your question to the team for some answers.

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Can you provide a little bit more information about the system and how it’s set up (is it windows, etc.)? Exactly how far into the document did you get, and how did you uninstall and try to start over? The more precise and specific you can be the easier it will be to help get this sorted out. :smiley:

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Thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate it!

I’m using Windows, and was following along in these instructions: Install OpenSSH | Microsoft Docs

I got to the "connect to open SSH server bit, input a password, wrote it down for reference later, but clearly (and embarrassingly) wrote it down wrong as couldn’t complete subsequent steps.

So I tried uninstalling the SSH client from the computer that doesn’t contain the node, and tried repeating the step above, but now it’s asking for an existing password, rather than creating a new password.

So, in summary the main thing I’m trying to figure out is: how do I reset this all back to square one so that I can set a password properly?

Thanks so much!

The Windows version of OpenSSH uses the Windows login and password by default.
So, you need to provide your Windows user login and password.
If you use an MS account, then it’s better to use their short form for the login, you can see it when you start a PowerShell as a regular user - this login will be between C:\Users\ and >, like C:\Users\short_login_here>. The other way is to open the C:\Users in the explorer - you will see a short login for your account in the list.