Metainfo error: rpccompat: context deadline exceeded

Hi… I have downloaded storj-go library using follow command :

go get

After downloading files . i have used lib/uplinkc library in my program . I am trying to upload data to storj bucket . I am getting this error while running my program :

metainfo error: rpccompat: context deadline exceeded*Uplink).OpenProject:187

If i download storj file from github with tag 0.25.1 and use these file in my program then my program is working fine .
How can i resolve this error ?

I’m a bit confused with your description.

Are you using lib/uplink? or lib/libuplinkc?

Can you share your application source or the part of it that it’s performing the operations for uploading a file?

Hi @ifraixedes i am trying to use libuplinkc in different programming language . my program is working fine with the tag 0.25.3 .earlier it was working fine with the master branch also but now it is giving me the error mentioned above . i just want to the reason for the above error .

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