Metamask cant send coins


maybe this is not the right category.
But right now i have 118 storj in metamask wich is worth around 30 dollars.
I want to convert them to bitcoin but whenever i try to use and send like 115 coins or even 85 coins using metamask it says unsufficient funds for the transaction. I dont have any ETH

any way i can use it withouth buying ETH first?

There is no other way, you need ether to pay trasaction fee.


Yo can’t send or swap if you don’t have some ETH in your wallet.

I can send you some initial eth if you want.
transaction costs are high at the moment though

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send me :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the problem, you need to send me your wallet receiving address. You can send it by a PM in the forum.
I’ll then check there is storj in that account using etherscan and send you some eth to get you started

OK PM rxcvd eth sent to thebest07111