Microsoft Backup as a Service to Storj

As Managed Service provider in Germany i am now offering BaaS for Microsoft 365 Services like exchange online sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams Backups to storj.

Unfortunately no link or name or anything…

Would be something for too.


Ok, finally found it:

Als erster Managed Service Provider in Deutschland, bieten wir Backup as a Service(BaaS) für die Office365 Infrastruktur (Exchange Online, Sharepoint, Onedrive, Teams) direkt auf die dezentrale Cloud storj an.
English translation

However this

Secured und verschlüsselt durch die Blockchain!
English translation

is not a correct claim.

2 ideas:

  1. Maybe to contact them directly to offer support or some joined marketing activities to reach out to potential customers. Storj could make a little interview or push them a bit with a blog article or a tweet and help to get the word out here in Germany.
  2. If MSP start to sell or resell Storj services they need to be trained about how all this works. It seems there is still a lot of confusion regarding blockchain involvement. At some point something like a “Storjlabs certification” similar to Azure or AWS certification but at least some training might be required.

Thank you!

It’s been passed on internally :slight_smile:

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