Migrate from raspberry pi to the Windows

I am planning to do it the other way around. Currently running on Raspberry Pi and would like to move everything to a fresh Windows node. Could I not just plug the external hard drive currently connected to the Pi into my Windows machine and copy everything over assuming I have access to both machines? Or am I missing something here?

You can do it from WSL + Ubuntu on Windows 10. The source will be pi, the destination is Windows: https://documentation.storj.io/resources/faq/migrate-my-node


It depends. What format is the drive that’s attached to the Pi? If it’s NTFS then yes.

my node is formatted in ext4, so no ntfs unfortunately

so basically install wsl + ubuntu and then rsync form the pi to the windows machine?

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Yes, install the WSL and run rsync in it on the Windows machine. The source is pi, and destination is Windows.

I did the opposite actually: run rsync on the pi, as the pi being the source and windows the destination.

It could not work, because WSL is not a full functional Linux.
So, if you haven’t configured Windows to be a server it will be cumbersome.

I did share the windows drive and mapped it on the Pi first :wink: