Migrating or start a new node

@BrightSilence I tired to migrate my 3TB node from BTRFS to an external 16TB drive Ext4. I’ve done the rsync and in the final step. Building filelist, it just stalls. Am I being too impatient or is it something else? Now I plan to start a new node on the 16TB instead of rsyncing the old one. Please advice.

Do you mean where it says “receiving incremental file list” ?

Yes, I run rsync -aP several times and it catches up. But on the final one it just freezes :confused: no files transfered.

Rsync is pretty robust. So it is probably not stalling, but just doing its work of comparing files but as they are identical, it just does not display anything.
You can try with option -vv to increase verbosity then you’ll probably see what it is doing.

I’ve rerun the rsync for the 3rd time. =)

Run it with option -vv and check its output.

thanks. I will =) it takes 3 days to migrate the node.

I’ve honestly never used rsync to copy a node. It’s pretty robust, but it is a lot slower than a normal copy. So my preferred method is instead to lower the space assignment on a node to well below what is already being used, then wait until all satellites stop sending data. That should be within minutes, but I wait a few hours at least. At that point I just copy the blobs folder in its entirety, with the node still running. Some files may be removed from that, but that’s not that big a deal (and you can limit this if you can afford to wait a month with the node having no free space and deletes will diminish). After the copy is done, stop the node, copy all other folders and files and start the node in the new location.

You end up with some pieces that shouldn’t be on your node, but garbage collection should clean those up automatically over time. And the migration is a lot faster. There are more chances of making node breaking mistakes though, so I understand why this is not the official advise. But it does work.

Moving larger nodes with rsync can take ages :woozy_face:

Just can’t decide what to do. I must admit that installing 2 SSD cache to my synology DS920+ makes it more smoth. My 3TB node is growing so slow. I got around 20TB free space and I haven’t decided how to do. The longer I wait… the more data is has to rsync. Filling up the node is sooooo slow.