Migrating the storage node on new setup - Windows


I’ve decided to change my setup today, trying to migrate the storage node from old pc that is no longer running to another. The storage node was on a separate HDD that I’ve installed in the new computer, a fresh windows 10 install and I have the identity stored before shutting down the node.

I have attached the hdd used for sharing and I did everything prior to the node install. Now, do I need to follow the steps from migration topic ( i have the identity stored on a thumb drive) ? Or do I just install the windows gui ?
**The location is the same, the lan connection is the same, so really just want to resume the storage sharing on a new OS.

Your new setup should have both identity folder and storage folder (in your case HDD with the data) on the same computer.

Indeed, but the thing is, I had the identity stored on the os ssd, and the data on the hdd. The ssd is no longer in use, so, do I just copy the identity from the thumb drive to my new os based ssd and continue with the windows gui install process ?

Your identity folder could be located anywhere on your computer. It just needs to be accessed by your node while connecting to the network. You should copy your identity to your HDD and point it accordingly during the setup.

Nevermind, I got it up and running. forgot to put in the DYN.

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