Migrating to a new machine

I am looking to migrate my data to a new machine. My data is on an external USB hard drive and the OS is Ubuntu. Could I turn off the old machine, plug in the external HDD to the new machine, copy the certs to the new machine and start the docker image.

Would that work? Would it be better to perform a graceful exit? The problem is, the node has not been active for 6 months


How much data are you transferring?

If this means the storj node wasn’t running then the node is long ago disqualified and the migration doesn’t make any sense.

If all Storj data is on an external hard drive you would have no problem shutting down and running on a new machine. Pending you copy all certs.

I migrated mine a few months back and had no issues. I was moving OS entirely and just copied my data and certs to a different location and then copied back into new location with no issues. This was my data flow - Old Pc (FreeNAS) > Synology > Old PC (Unraid)

Disqualification due to downtime is not in effect.

Only about 3tb out of 5tb

No, I meant the node has not been online for more than 6 months. So I believe I cant do a graceful exit. A graceful exit and then starting a new node would be my preferred option

Ah that’s true! Thanks for pointing it out!
Would be curious to see the amount of pieces still attributed to this node: due to possible repairs this node might no longer be holding a significant amount of pieces.

IIUC graceful exit is not the best solution: starting from scratch will mean starting with 75% held payouts whereas starting this node as is will mean its age will be retained and some amount of data will be quickly discarded.

This is great news. I will try this. - would it be worth performing the migration at the begging of the month so I lose less of the locked rewards

I would think any time of the month would be ok. Your migration shouldn’t take long as there is no data transfer. Mine was offline for a few days unfortunately as I had some issues. But once I was back up and running I had no issues.

I recommend that you copy the certs onto the external hdd and make a copy of the docker command that you use to start the node there. Also, you’ll need to check that your port is forwarded to the new machine.
I would also set up docker and pull the storagenode image to it, on the new machine.

Thank you all. I just transferred over to a new machine with no issues, high level steps below for future reference:

On new machine
Install Docker
Transfer the certs to new machine
On old machine:
Stop Storj
Unmount HDD
On new machine
Plug in HDD
Mount the HDD
Make sure to forward port to new system
Modify the Storj docker command for new system
Start Storj

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