Migrating Win to Ubuntu Docker

Hello guys!

I am going to migrate nodes from Win to Ububtu docker to increase reliability. As I understood, HDD file system to be changed from NTFS to Ext4. I am going to copy node from NTFS HDD to Ext4 HDD by robocopy

I have installed DiscGenius to format drive to Ext4 and did it:

And also installed Ext2 Volume Manager, which is required what Win10 can recognize Ext4 Hdd (I google this method)
Win can recognize disk at disk manager:

But drive is still missing from Win explorer:

Is there any other good method to make Ext4 drive visible from Win10?


Did you follow the below google result ?


Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software

This is a trial version, should work 30 days normal, after this the speed is reduced but it still works.

This works, thanks!


I didn’t recognize there is > Service Management…
Is it this?

Or this?

In both tere are no “Ext2Fsd service” to start

Can you send link to text you post as a picture above?


It mentions to navigate the menu item from DiskGenius. Tools then Service management. You can start it from Windows services too but search what its called. I can see Paragon’s service as suggested by @Krawi

Stuff like that can come with unknown side effects. Here is a simpler option I would recommend if you have two machines:

  • Create a share for your current Windows STORJ folder
  • On the new linux host, rsync the data from Windows to linux
  • Do it again, because it probably took a long time
  • Stop STORJ on Windows
  • rsync again
  • Check all your STORJ settings and node identity
  • Start up the STORJ node on Linux

That is just a rough draft. Read up on how to transfer your node and how you can tune rsync.

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The other way is to use WSL2 and mounting the ext4 disk, see

There you would have both options - robocopy from Windows and rsync from WSL2.