Migration between Node OS's

I am currently running my node on an old MacMini and recently acquired a little NUC. I’d like to migrate from the Docker Instance I’m running on to try out the new Windows Installer. I don’t see any instructions for how to migrate a node. Can I use the same identity info from the MAC on the PC etc?

Any thoughts would be helpful.

  1. Stop and remove the container:
docker stop -t 300 storagenode 
docker rm storagenode 
  1. Copy your data and identity to the Windows PC
  2. Run the installer and specify a new path to the identity and to the storage folder accordingly the wizard.
  3. Do (or modify) port forwarding on your router to the Windows PC

The hardest part is to copy over your files from MacOS.
There is a one method, using an external drive:

But you need to copy only identity and data.

The second option is to use a network: