Migration: config.yaml and revocation.db lost

For a mistake I lost confi.yaml and revocation.db during the migration. I don’t have backup.
I can still run my node?

Yes, the database files are only for the statistics in your dashboard. You can simply follow these instructions: https://support.storj.io/hc/en-us/articles/4403032417044-How-to-fix-database-file-is-not-a-database-error

The config.yaml is just a configuration file. Are you running your node on Windows or Linux or in Docker?

I’m running node in Linux with docker

will be recreated automatically when needed. No need to worry about that one.

Run the setup command on a separate temporary data location to recreate the config.yaml, then copy the config.yaml to where it should be. You can remove the other files that setup command created, you don’t need them. You can also compare that temporary data location to your storj data location to see if other things were missing.