Migration "delete" problem

I tried to migrate linux to linux node (remote server) with failure. Everything was ok with rsync (i started with rsync -aPz for compression). Once trasferred everything I did rsync --delete and voilà… everything deleted! one week of trasfer evaporated :slight_smile:
I followed exactly this guide How do I migrate my node to a new device? - Storj Node Operator Docs
I just added -z to rsync command.

Hi @agente
Using -z is a waste of time. All of the Storj data is encrypted so wouldn’t be statistically smaller after compression.

Please run the commands as given.

This is what I run

rsync -avhP --delete source destination

You can run " --delete" even if it is not your final run.

This could be possible only if you provided an empty source.

next time I will test it before. thanks