Migration fails, permission denied


I’m trying to migrate from my test rig to my “production” rig. But when I try to copy over the files to the new server, I get permission denied. Obviously, I don’t have permission to read the storage, so how would I go about migrating? I’ve tried scp and rsync both to and from.

Supporting details, I’ve copied over my identity, installed docker and pulled the docker image.


You have to either migrate as root or own the directory by your user before migration.

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Why is that obvious? Isn’t it your storage?

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I was confusing myself, getting stuck between local permissions and encrypted data in my thought process.

Running rsync as root seems to be working, but I’m getting some odd errors, like “out of space”, which isn’t the case. Unless it’s referring to some temp cache in the sync process. I’ll report back.

Turns out, that was right on the money. The disk mount had failed, and rsync has a behavior where it writes to a temp buffer directory before writing to final destination in some cases. Like when the destination location is missing. There’s an option called --inplace that you can utilize to make sure a temp location is not used, so it seems the temp location behavior is used in other cases as well.

SD card was full due to disk mount fail.