Min. amount for zkSync withdrawal?

Whats the minimum withdrawal amount if you enabled zkSync?

There is no minimum withdrawal amount. But you will pay for TX in STORJ tokens. The TX fee you can estimate using zksync API.

If you mean what is Minimum Payout Threshold on zkSync, then it’s not applied yet.

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Could you just give an example like:

If your balance in dashboard is 2$ (not held) you will get payed into zkSync.

I cant figure this out using your link.

If you have any amount in the storagenode dashboard it will get paid into zksync.
Follow the link on your node.
No link? You have not configured properly

Does that help?

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So you call the payout as “withdrawal”, I got it. There is no Minimum Payout Threshold on zkSync, all amount showed in “undistributed” will be sent to zkSync with 10% bonus.
If you opted-in before the end of a previous month - you already paid, click he Payout Information link on your dashboard, navigate to the Payout History, expand any satellite and click the TX link to see the TX on zkScan.

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ok, I think I opted in 5 days ago, so I guess I was not fast enough. Thanks for the explanation!