Minimum free space for nodes with DB on seperate location

Hi, I have 8TB nodes and im curious if the “use only 90%” is still the goto even if the databases are on a seperate disk.

Currently I set the limit to 7.2TB, but leaving 800GB on the table looks a bit too much for me.

In what case storj would exceed the disk limit with 800GB??

Wouldn’t be fine to leave only 250GB of free space or something?

Thanks in advance!

If you like the risk, you may specify more than the recommended level. Just please not up to the rim. Leave at least 100GB free for a safety.

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But what could be the case where storj overshoots with this much data or what are the experience how tight storj keeps himself to the limit?

Trash space is counted towards the limit asfar as I know.

I wouldn’T go to the rim, just curious about the 800GB or more with bigger disks.

Ofc I would understand it with a 2TB disk or something

There is a precaution threshold, which is now 5GB