Minimum non-DQ version in the API

This is in relation to this announcement:

So, now there’ll be four versions of nodes:

  1. Latest.
  2. One older than latest
  3. Two older than latest → will no longer get data
  4. Three older than latest → DQ

The latest version number is available on Would it be possible to make the “two older than latest” version number also available somewhere?

I could use that to initiate emergency automatic update or just issue an alert.

I fully support this, but I don’t have any votes left… :thinking:

same as the above… i could go unvote something tho…

  • The number of active votes is configurable and defaults to 10.

So, we need to close some voting to release your vote

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I am pretty sure that we will reuse the minimum version for this.

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I would like to suggest a list with versions that have actual consequences as it seems the “one older than latest” is completely inconsequential. And in theory the version that no longer gets data could be one older or 2 older. Basically we want to know what versions the different consequences are set to.

From what I can tell there are 4 consequential versions.

  • Rollout > Versions that are currently being rolled out
  • Latest > Last version with complete rollout
  • Warning > This version or older doesn’t get ingress anymore
  • Disqualification > This version or older gets disqualified

I think we have all but the warning version available in the API. So yes, please add that.

It would also be nice to have some information on how these versions are usually set. Like the warning version is usually 2 versions behind the latest version. But that kind of information should be more a separate guideline than what is provided in the API. The API should just list the current thresholds.

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