Misconfiguration with offline

Hello Folks, I am running a machine with storj (windows server 19)
and trying to get this misconfigured bit to be right,

I am running pfsense firewall which I have allowed tcp/udp on port 26867, not sure if on lan, or wan, done both though,
my router is open for dmz as there is no bridge mode (sucks I know) but this works

any ideas

Hi @Dudicrous
My first thought if TCP works, but UDP doesn’t, is to check each step of the path allows UDP packets unhindered…

Router in > DMZ in > pf sense firewall in > Windows Server firewall in > Windows server firewall out > pf sense firewall out > DMZ out > Router out

reading other post found the solution,

stop storj service and restart and that fixed it

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Use the following commands:

Stop-Service storagenode
Start-Service storagenode