Missing Payouts?

Hello. I’m just a little curious, should I not receive payment from each satellite? In March I received two payments while from February I received 4 payments.
It has been down and uploaded on all satellites.

On my other node it was 5 payouts in March and 5 in February

What is your web dashboard say for this node with 4 payments?

Do you mean ingress and egress on the satellites?

No, your node could be disqualified on one of the satellites.

Every satellites are online

Then I suggest you to run this script for the interesting month: Earnings calculator (Update 2020-03-03: v8.1.3 - Now with Audit scores, Vetting progress and DQ indication!) and check, should your node have a payout for each of satellite or not.

I have now used the script to look over the payout’s for Feb, Mars and april. It’s says paid on every satellite but i’m missing payouts.

Then please, submit a ticket on the https://support.storj.io with your NodeID and wallet and which satellite you think missed the payout. Also, please add your reports from this script for every month in question