Missing Satellites in payout-estimation

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in one node I have the problem that two Satellites are missing in the Metric. Therefore the payout-estimation cannot be correct while the earned amount seems to be correct so far. Here are the correct earnings:


In Payout Information you can see the wrong estimation:

But for some reason you don’t know the reason for the low estimation and this is because two satellites are not in the estimation, which you can see like with the Grafana-Dashboard for an example:

Can you please tell how to get back the two satellites? Is it repairable?

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Hi @Walter1
There is a known error on recent versions prior to the 1.69.x release where the ‘Current Month Earnings’ is not correct (approx. 10% or 50% of actual value). No earnings are lost, it’s just a dashboard display issue.

The ‘Estimated earnings this month’ is reliant on full and uncorrupted .db files. If you’ve had to recreate or fix any .db’s during a month then the value will most likely be incorrect. Again no earnings are lost the satellites keep all of the definitive information and payout according to their records.


But can you tell which DB is relying to the problem? It should be satellites.db or? I could just delete all DB, after a backup, and then insert all DB instead of the new created satellites.db.

This should be the solution or what do you think?


I managed to repair the ‘Disk Space Used this Month’ on one of my nodes. It was 6,46 USD but without any Disk Average Month. Now they Disk Average Month appeard as additional 3,95 USD, so 10,42 USD. But the ‘Current Month Earnings’ didn’t increase by ~4 USD.

Here the earnings w/o ‘Disk Average Month’:

And here the newly regenerated ‘Disk Average Month’ of ~4 USD:

Unfortunately the ~4 USD didn’t increased the ‘Current Months Earnings’:


Now the repaired node did level up in the dashboard.



Unfortunately the ‘Current Months Earning’ still didn’t increase, but it is also not found in the Grafana-Dashboard, therefore seems not to be used in the Dashboard at all.

Alexey do you know which DB have to be renewed to get all the data from all satellites? I tried satellites.db or info.db and both DBs but they didn’t bring the missing two satellites back.

Here the overview:

and then the node itself:

Likely bandwidth.db and storage_usage.db also

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So trying both DBs or all 4 together?

Edit: I tried ‘info.db’, ‘satellites.db’, ‘bandwith.db’ and ‘storage_usage.db’ and it worked. Unfortunately I lost all the data from the past:

Yes, these databases contains your statistics, and it’s stored only locally.