Mobile operation system market share

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the joke is not lost on me tho, when a russian affects political statements on election day… :smiley:
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ah gotcha
i kinda read it as aimed towards at the very least mobile devices… because that’s what i see android and apple as mobile based … i mean nobody really uses desktop macs aside from americans… i wouldn’t have thought 60+ of all phones in the states was iphones… WTF whats wrong with those people

not sure if these numbers are right… but the page is kinda cool

also claims that apple has 17% of the global desktop market, and in america it’s about 30%
there really is no hope for them over there… using apple and letting trump drive the boat…

will be interesting to see what happens when he has to leave… if he doesn’t plan to die in office… dictator trump… lol ofc he may win… but i just can’t stand the thought of it… he already basically destroyed the stability of the entire globe, and not sure if it can take 4 more years without blowing up.


it’s better to leave politics out of this forum. and especially out of a changelog discussion :smiley:


Yeah I was originally talking about just the users and their personalities, but now the moved topic makes no sense.

Did not expect so much of US to be using Apple products, makes sense I guess, they have much more money to spend on $1k monitor stands and $0k7 case wheels…

Don’t care much for politics, leave it to the politicians, they don’t need any more people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

maybe if it was free i would consider using apple products…
or if they paid me… else i just think it’s fancy Chinese junk.
so difficult to repair and reuse apple gear, nice and simply to use tho… there is that…

i’m not a fan of the whole copy paste forum deal… even tho i’m sure it’s very nice for keeping people in line and for keeping stuff on topic…

but it just often hurt’s ones experience in using it… even if those that come after does benefit more from a better sorted forum… i suppose…

i hate politics so bad… but i do hope the leaders of the world understand diplomacy, since it’s a pretty critical part of their tool set, and war is hell… so lets not go there…

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I agree with this 100% - Apple is for non-tech-savvy people and people who have too much money, that’s why so many of them are sold. I consider gear an investment in general, but I consider Apple gear consumables, it’s almost like you’re buying a service.

Shifting posts around the forum is confusing for current users, great for archive.

IT hardware as investment is… optimistic… ofc depending on what one does with it… like a tool is an investment… even tho it drops in value, but it gives more value from it’s usage…

so not sure i would define that as an investment… but yeah it could be viewed like that…

but really what you invest in is better usage of your time…

Sorry for that
This is because some people really like to deviate from the topic and often into such a jungle that you will not get out :slight_smile:


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