Monitoring 2 nodes on the same machine using Zabbix

Any good recommendations how to monitor two nodes on the same machine using zabbix?

On the zabbix server dashboard i do have network activity window, where i see traffic from all nodes. If the network speed is critical low, that’s indication of node failure, as all nodes are runing on dedicated machines with only one task - being node, so there are no other network activity.
Runing two nodes on the same machine, makes this task impossible, because traffic on the monitored lan card is showed for both nodes. Zabbix also see “docker” as the network interface, but this is also merged for both instances.

Any ideas how to solve this task?

I prefer to monitor my nodes using a telegram bot programmed in Python.

While I don’t have an answer to your question, i would like to question your assumption here.

Sometimes there can be little or even no traffic to a fully functional node. This is not necessarily any reason to assume failure.

If you type ifconfig, you should be able to see multiple virtual interfaces that docker is creating. If you monitor individually each of these interfaces instead of the aggregated ‘docker’ interface, you’ll get per docker instance bandwidth instead of aggregate.

I already know the limits :smiley:
If the node is running but without traffic its speed varies at about 100-200kbps.
If the node is offline, the traffic is only a few usually 1-4 kbps.

Your idea about the docker interface is good, but once the docker container removed and recreated (sometimes you need that), it gets a new different name, so after that zabbix must be configured as well.

what can you see there?

Fair enough! Just wouldn’t be my preferred way of noticing if a node was offline.

I also am learning here, i didn’t realize docker changed the virtual interfae name each time it was removed and started again.

Good luck!

For me i use graylog currently. It’s pretty basic and simple but i’m really happy with it.