Monitoring, Discord Chat Server


Storj Team, I have some questions to ask.

I would like to open chat server for SNO comunity.


  1. Monitoring of nodes, today i have App that can monitor nodes(today it is only windows, but plans also for linux) today i am sorting some bugs and improoving stability. Why discord? It is open platform, free API and Android App for phone, and node problem can be deliverd and noticed very fast. We try to build stable and relible system and it help to lower downtime of nodes. Also can check you statistics from all user nodes.
  2. I could be platform for live discussions and fast Announcment delivery as it also will apean on phone(who has App). why i want discusion about of it? Storj may have some rules about it, also I would like than Storj team also present there. I Taged @jocelyn about this in begining of this week but he may be has vocations or something.

Click on her name and you will get her prefered pronounce!

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