Monitoring my New Storage Nodes

Hello Fellow Storj Node Operators…

So I’m a newbie to Storj. Just trying to see if anyone has any thoughts on a decent graphical monitor for the status of the storage node or of how much to expect on the next payout or the likes? Thinking something like how you can check the status of your mining on Nicehash type of dashboard. I’ve seen a few options posted that monitor ELK (Whatever that is) but the instructions are not that user friendly. Just wondering how you track your earnings and storage node behaviour with more than just the text based dashboard provided.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Lipora! SNOBoard is in development which is a graphical interface that will have all of that info, you can check the roadmap here. :slight_smile:

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At the moment you can use those solutions:

Hi @Alexey - There was one new one I hadn’t seen in that list. It seems to Monitor the physical hardware. I have that taken care of already. I was more hoping to see stats like ingress and egress, maybe reporting from the Satellites to tell me how my reputation is looking etc so I can better tune my nodes… That sort of thing. I looks like SNOBoard is the start of that. The Grafana one is the one I had seen earlier that just looks a little more complicated to setup then I am capable of just yet. I’m decent with my knowledge of Docker and Linux but to the point that I’m not advanced enough to setup that one with the limited documentation :slight_smile:

Ingress and egress also the usage you can see on your local dashboard

docker exec -it storagenode ./

But reputation, audits, uptime from the satellite’s perspective of view would be better, I agree.
This kind of dashboard is called SNOboard and it’s not ready yet. But we will hope to see it soon.