More allocated (in config) space than actually available

Hi. Let’s talk about possible situation in which I assign let’s say 500GB for Storj but in the meantime my other files will take up space on the same disk. For Storj then stay around let’s say 400GB. What will happen then? My node will be disqualified or just stop downloading more data?

if your node reach out of space it will get DQ
If you put some files you need decrease used in config, but if space already alocated, you cant go below alocaded space.

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So what should I do if I have currently used 650GB by Storj but I want to decrease this space to 500GB? I should just decrease size in config and wait for files delete?

Heres the issue with this minimal space is 500gigs once you reach below that your node will no longer start up, because its no longer at the minimal space.
If your going to use the same drive as your windows is running on you need to make sure that you allotted space enough for the node alone. Pretty much at all times or you wont beable to start your node anymore to get data or upload data so you wont make any income off it.

You will also cause issues if you filled your drive and you allowed for it to use more space then you have you have taken a chance that you could corrupt the database and you will for sure get DQed because of this.

Once you filled the space with data you can no longer lower it back to 500 its not just going to delete files…

The best thing to do here is go buy another hard drive for cheap and transfer either the files your saving to it so it doesnt affect the nodes data or stop the node move the data to the new hard drive so your not taking a chance on corrupting it and loosing any income you have.

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Ah really? Decreasing the amont of space allocated to the node does not trigger some kind of mini “graceful exit” for all the extra data until space used is back below the new set threshold?

I don’t think everything said in this thread is true, but I maybe I’m wrong. Afaik:

  • You won’t get disqualified when your disk space runs out, just all ingress will fail. If your disk is 100% full your database can get corrupted though, so watch out for that.
  • If you decrease the max storage it will go down after a while. It will just take an unpredictable and long amount of time as files are deleted by customers.
  • You can set your storage limit to lower than 500GB. I even run a 10GB node because why not. Edit the config.yaml file, find an option called minimum allocated space (or similar) and lower it.
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What you want to do is called partial graceful exit which is not yet implemented by Storj.


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This effectively means you are in violation of Terms of Service.


  • iv. Operate a Storage Node that does not meet the following minimum requirements:
  1. A maximum of one (1) hard drive dedicated to each Storage Node
  2. A minimum of 250 GB of available Space per Storage Node
  3. 0.5 TB of Bandwidth available per month
  4. 5 Mbps bandwidth upstream
  5. 25 Mbps bandwidth downstream
  6. Online and operational 99.3% of the time per month independent from any downtime caused by the Company

Reference :

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You can pretty definitively say that the node will stop working. Even without uploads the node needs room to write to the db’s. If it can’t it will fail. So a 100% full disk will lead to failure. It depends on how it fails whether or not you will get DQ’ed. Best case is if it stops. Your node will be offline, which currently doesn’t lead to DQ. Worst case, your node stays online but is no longer able to respond to audits. This will lead to DQ very fast.

While this is true it is not recommended. It feels to me like this option is only there as a temporary workaround for other issues. I’m not counting on it staying around and in addition to that, you actually accepted an agreement that said you would share a minimum of 250GB.

On another note:

A maximum of one (1) hard drive dedicated to each Storage Node

Found in the terms. This would suggest RAID arrays are not allowed. I think this should be flipped to maximum one storagenode per HDD. Not sure who to notify, but @jocelyn maybe something you can follow up on.


I thought the agreement was 500gig minimum I see no where it being 250gig. When signing up there is no option for 250gig.

@nerdatwork quoted it and linked to it in this post: More allocated (in config) space than actually available
You can lower the minimum requirement in the config.yaml

I’m pretty sure the original text did say 500GB. I’m also almost certain it required 2TB of bandwidth initially (now 0.5TB).

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I know you can lower it thought I just had in my head this whole time its 500gig min

I guess they changed it some time recently cause I dont remember it saying 250gig

We’re not the only ones wondering about this

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Oh ok good find thought I was going crazy.

I am also sure it was 500GB once because I did set up an additional node early to get it vetted and allocated the minimum amount I was allowed, which was 500GB. If it had been 250GB I would have changed it immediately. Well now all my nodes are full anyway lol

Just curious, where does it now say 0.5TB bandwidth? This page says(at the time of writing) 2TB:

3.d.iv.3. >> Quite a few nested subdivisions

Thanks. There does seem to be a discrepancy. That could explain some confusion.

the 250 GB has been in the TOS since close to the beginning of V3. It is possible that some people did not read all the details in the TOS so did not notice until recently that this is the current minimum requirement.

If this was the case why has the sign up for beta been 500gig min since V3 started?