More detailed billing

I like to get a more detailed billing. I cant see in what month-cicle my node is and how many escrow
i have at the payout time. And maybee the $toStorj exchange course. Is this possible anytime?

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Try this:

The “tiny wallet explorer” is convenient to use as a “etherscan in a box” … but…

I think the OP is asking for a node tracking payment system that indicates clearly how long the node has been running and which month in the 10 month escrow period the current node is in…

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You are correct. Like something you get from your banking account each month…

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Does this sound right ?

  • How much is held back?
  • What percentage is being paid?
  • Which period is the storage node in?
  • How much has been paid last month, and which part was egress, repair egress or disk usage?
  • How is my reputation and uptime doing?
  • Successrates?
  • … and many other questions that should be answered in the node dashboard

Strongly Agree

Hopefully under a button on the web interface called:

Detailed Node Statistics

Make a post on so Storj devs can think about it.

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