More than 10TB storage used on node?

Who has more than 10TB storage used by the network on their node?
How long did it take to fill up?
Is the node full?

I don’t think anybody has 10TB used but that shouldn’t be used as a reference to calculate how much time your node will take to be full. Geographical location is important while receiving data, closer to the uplink more data you MIGHT get.


As end users start to use all will change, to bad side or best side no one know yet.

I agree with what’s already mentioned. Current and past network usage is not representative to real world use. I can say that the largest nodes likely store around 4-5TB right now. I’m running one of them. Because of the requirement for decentralization and most nodes being 8TB or less in size. I’m pretty sure it’s not very likely you’ll see more than 8TB stored any time soon since that would mean all smaller nodes that have been around for a while will have filled up already and data is pushed to a smaller and smaller amount of nodes. That’s the kind of thing Storj is trying to prevent by growing the supply and demand sides in a controlled way. Regardless, bandwidth is the real earner anyway.
See my current earnings for this month as a reference.

Last days Eress is very small, devs more testind garbige collector, then more and more space will be free.

My nodes have 4.5TB at the moment but are almost full now.

How long did it take to fill up to 4.5 TB?

since the last wipe… can’t remember when that was, it’s a few month ago.
But looking forward that data is of no relevance since STORJ is going into production soon and that will change the traffic anyway.

Today is test data and no one know how would be in real world.