More than 15 month?


after reading a lot of documentation, something i don’t understand.

Can we run a Storage node for more than 15 months?

what’s happen after 15 month, do we have to gracefully stop the node, or can we keep the node running?


Hello @dalligand,

Yes, of course you can continue to run a node after 15 months, if you didn’t gracefully exit. It’s desirable goal for the network to motivate operators to run their nodes forever.
You will be paid with 100% amount, without adding anything to the held amount. The 50% of total held amount will be returned to you after 15 months of running the node. The remained 50% will be there until the run of graceful exit or disqualification.
In case of successful graceful exit the all held amount will be returned to you. In case of disqualification the all held amount will be forfeited.


ok, thank you very much, that is crystal clear.


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